Atlas of Lie Groups and Representations
This is an online version of the Atlas software. It provides easy access to most atlas commands, but for a limited class of groups - almost all real forms of all simple complex groups. The web interface has some advantages over the software itself: there is more information in the output, and many output elements are clickable to bring up help windows.

This is the beta verson of the software

  • A file size of greater than 100KB won't be displayed, but may be downloaded.
  • A computation will be aborted if it uses more then 150MB of memory.

The web application is by Jeffrey Adams, Hunter Brooks and Nicholas Cotton, based on the atlas software by Fokko du Cloux, Marc van Leeuwen, David Vogan and Alfred Noel.

Jeffrey Adams

Note:The web interface is running on version 0.3 of the software. Some of the output differs from the output of later versions.

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