Atlas of Lie Groups and Representations:
Software Download

Most users will want to download packages from this page. If you want the very latest version see downloading the software using git and/or visit the Atlas Project Page at google code.

Latest Version
atlas 0.6/realex .81
atlas_precompiled.0.6.tgz precompiled binaries for linux, atlas and realex, statically linked, including messages and rx-scripts
atlas_0.6.tgz source code for linux and Mac, atlas and realex executables for Windows, atlas and realex, including messages and rx-scripts
messages and rx-scripts freestanding messages directory (help files for atlas) and rx-scripts directory (scripts for realex, and also some realex help files). These are also included in the other distributions above.

Here is a quick start guide. Click on Software and see the various submenus for more details on each system.

Quick Start:

Precompiled binaries (executables):
Download atlas_precompiled.0.6.tgz. If it doesn't unpack automatically, double-click on the file and click on extract, or do:

tar xvfz atlas_0.6.tgz

to create the atlas_0.6 directory.

Compiling from source:
Alternatively download atlas_0.6.tgz, unpack it, and compile the software yourself. See Compiling under Linux
Precompiled binaries (executables):
Download Double click on the file, and click extract. Open atlas_windows/bin, and double click on realex or atlas to run.
Compiling from source:
Alternatively you can compile for Windows using cygwin.
Precompiled binaries (executables):
Coming soon...
Compiling from source:
Download atlas_0.6.tgz, and see Compiling atlas for the Mac.