Downloading the atlas software using git

To get the most up-to-date version of the software you should use git. For the latest stable release go to the main software download page. The latest stable release is the master branch.

You need a (reasonably up-to-date) git client, which is standard under linux, and available for mac and pc. On a unix system (including mac) do this:

%git clone

(hit return at the Password prompt). This creates a subdirectory atlasofliegroups and installs the code there. That's all you need to do.

Once you've done this, to update your source code with the latest version, cd to the atlasofliegroups directory, and give the command:

%git pull origin

There is a subdirectory atlasofliegroups/.git with meta-information for git. You can delete this, although then to update the software you'll need to do a fresh git clone.

Note: If you download the software using git you need to have cwebx (and bison) installed on your system. If you download a tgz file this isn't necessary.

Help with git

Proceed to Installing the atlas software

To view the latest source code go to at github.


If you get an error something like this:

Cannot get remote repository information.
Perhaps git-update-server-info needs to be run there?

the likely explanation is that the version of git you are using is too old. Version is known to work. Do:
git --version.